Crisis Management Coaching

“Jonathan Hemus has always provided me with outstanding counsel”.
Paul Newman, Former VP Communications, Procter & Gamble and eBay

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Jonathan Hemus has advised leaders of organisations including Cathay Pacific, Disney, the International Cricket Council, Procter and Gamble and Stagecoach to ensure they do and say the right things on the worst days of their business lives.

He works as a crisis management coach with a limited number of business leaders and senior executives who are responsible for crisis management. His motivation in this area is to give executives the capability and confidence they need to prevent the needless damage caused to businesses and their stakeholders as a result of a mishandled crisis.

His coaching style is based on asking questions, listening and, when appropriate, giving honest feedback and advice, always with the best interests of his client in mind.


Business leaders seeking a trusted crisis management advisor should look no further than Jonathan Hemus. He brings not only extensive experience and wise counsel, but perhaps most importantly, real guidance on how to avoid those worst moments
Sue Boxall, former VP HR, Lundin Mining

Crisis management coaching for leaders

In preparation for a crisis, he coaches leaders in areas including:

  • How to create a crisis-resistant culture
  • How to actively lead crisis prevention
  • Development of crisis management leadership skills including:
    o How to lead in a crisis
    o How to set strategic intent in a crisis
    o Decision-making
    o Communication in a crisis
    o How to identify and avert common crisis management mistakes

He also acts as a sounding board and confidante for leaders regarding emerging issues and incidents.

I always appreciate your wise counsel and the fact that you live and work with integrity, purpose and authenticity
Louise Teboul, Leadership Operations Director, Common Purpose

Coaching for crisis management programme owners

When coaching people responsible for crisis management planning programmes, Jonathan provides guidance on areas including:

  • How to succeed as the crisis champion for your organisation
  • How to secure executive engagement
  • The key elements of an effective crisis management infrastructure
  • How to ensure your crisis management plan will work under pressure
  • How to plan a successful crisis exercise
  • How to advise and influence colleagues during a crisis
  • How to identify and address learnings from crises and near misses

During a crisis, Jonathan works with leaders and crisis champions as a trusted advisor, bringing to bear his twenty five years’ experience, whether as part of the crisis management team or behind the scenes.

Jonathan is an authoritative voice and a strategic thinker: he commands the attention of the most senior audiences
Chris Holt MBE, Director, CHC Global
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